We want to extend the warmest ‘Welcome Home’ to Groups 2383 and 2384 who just arrived home last week!!!

This week’s adoption story was sent to us by the Jones Family who brought home two children on this trip! The family writes:

“It’s hard to believe that we have only been home ten days! We have come so far in such a short amount of time. We adopted two children from China, Isabella is 5 and Colton is 2. We are “older” empty nesters and just remembering all the joys and challenges of parenting again.

We were the only parents in our group adopting two children together. We always felt that we were bringing up the rear no matter where we were. All the families with our group were so helpful and knew we were struggling with backpacks, strollers, blankets and coats getting on and off buses, planes and trains. During our trip from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou we had to experience the airport for the first time with two very young children. We definitely learned a lesson about making our way through an airport carrying way too much stuff all the while my daughter shouting “niao, niao!!!” which I quickly learned meant I have to go to the bathroom now!

I have a daughter that is 24 and my son is 19 so when we decided to adopt two children, I thought no problem I know how to do this! However, time has a way of making you forget all the needs of young kids. Toddlers are messy, demanding and want to do everything the other family members are doing – including going to the bathroom! Our daughter has a vision impairment and that has also brought challenges navigating the terrain. It’s all slowly coming back to me, how to take care of two young kids but my body keeps reminding me I am not 20 something anymore!

We had a rough start coming home with sleeping on a regular schedule. I reached out to other adoptive moms for advice. Sunlight and melatonin seemed to be the theme. Unfortunately in Illinois there is a lack of sunshine to help regulate their internal clocks. We were up at 12:00 am to 7:00 am and had our days and nights mixed up. It’s amazing the things parents can come up with to do at these hours of the night. I had my first Wal-Mart trip for needed groceries at 3:00 am and I have to say it was a very pleasant experience.

Next week brings lot of appointments with Doctors, Dentist and our School District to navigate the medical and educational needs of our children. But for now we are just enjoying being home and discovering all the things that being an American can offer.

At 10 days we are celebrating many firsts and a new normal. We are on a regular schedule! We are trying new foods. We are meeting new friends and family. Our house is a disaster, dishes and laundry are not always done and that’s ok. We are a family. We love each other and we would not have missed all of this for all the tea in China!”

Aaron, Julie, Isabella and Colton Jonesjones6jones1