covell family Welcome Home Groups 2402, 2403 and 2404!
It’s one of our favorite days of the week because we hear about our incredible families who have just completed their adoptions and we get to share their stories. This week we are so happy to share about the Covell Family’s adoption journey to their beautiful daughter and how much she blossomed during their adoption trip. The family writes:

“The first week with our daughter was really challenging. She was grieving and was very disconnected from us and her surroundings.

After we arrived in Guangzhou, we were quite surprised one afternoon when she simply came to life. Within the span of a few hours she displayed new found confidence and started smiling, babbling, and walking all over the place. Our guide and the other people in our group were amazed at the transformation and couldn’t believe the difference they saw in her. It was a beautiful and fascinating process to watch unfold.

Since arriving home she has been working hard to keep up with her older siblings and continues to open up more each day. She’s a very brave girl, and we’re thankful we are her forever family.”

Welcome Home Covells! We can’t wait to watch this sweet girl blossom even more with the love of her family.