Welcome home to the Wermager family who brought home their precious son in late January! It is always amazing to see the huge transformation these children make in such a short period of time!

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Reuben & Brittany share:

We are the Wermagers! Our journey to adopt started with a desire set in our hearts a few years ago watching families from our church adopt. In 2013 we decided to start a family completely unaware that we would have complications getting pregnant. After 2 years we were blessed with our first pregnancy, but at 35 weeks our son went to be with the Lord.

Amidst the devastation in July of 2015 I felt the push to pursue adoption. My husband and I took time to grieve and pray over the enormous decision to adopt and where to adopt from. Through prayer and our Orphans Chair Ministry group at church we decided to begin the process with CCAI on Dec 22, 2015. As the adoption progressed and our hearts were on the mend we were blessed again with our second pregnancy in May 2016.

In Aug 2016 we were matched with our son Ian. On Dec 26, 2016 (31 weeks pregnant) we met our son for the first time. As first time parents a flood of emotions ran through us! As the days progressed we experienced the unconditional love of parents and the satisfaction we had longed for. Reuben and I learned to manage a 18 month olds schedule and nap times based around our traveling requirement.

We are so thankful for the families we were paired up with to share wisdoms and encouragement daily. We have been home for three weeks and we have still been able to call upon our travel families for helpful tips on the time change, if they received paperwork and the new milestones are little ones are achieving.

Ian has grown leaps and bounds in the month he has been with us. Daily we get to experience all that he knows and the new things he is learning. We may not have been there for all the firsts but as the walls come down and he shows us his personality and abilities we get to cheer him on showing him how proud we are! The timing of everything sounds crazy as we will be welcoming our daughter in just one week, but it couldn’t have been more God ordained.

I was able to travel, we had a month home with him to let him settle and now he will have a playmate to grow up with. Thank you CCAI for all you have done and the amazing guides that held our hands, got us medicine, and even carried our baggage through the train station. There are so many unknowns but CCAI has you covered.

As a new parent, a parent that has lost a child and a first time traveler to China I would be happy to share any knowledge I have gained. Feel free to message me on Facebook.