Happy #humpday and #WelcomeHomeWednesday to all the families in Groups 2413, 2414, 2415, 2416, 2417 and 2418!! The Creech Family shared a glimpse of their amazing journey adopting Thomas and Zach:

“Adopting two boys at one time has been the adventure of a lifetime! CCAI made each step of the way a joy, an exhausting joy, but wow, what a journey. Our boys are from two different orphanages and are five months apart. We were matched and called about one of them and the other we fell in love with seeing him on CCAI’s Waiting Child page.



Gotcha Day was so overwhelming, because both of our boys arrived within five minutes of each other. What a moment, to be given two boys to cherish all at once!

Josh and Lily traveled to China and surprised our group by sharing that incredible day with us. My husband was touched to see Josh compassionately wipe a runny nose of a crying child and I was touched to see tears in Lily’s eyes as she watched all those precious orphans get their families.

During our travels, our guides became our friends and each time we had to leave them I cried a little. They watched over us, mothered us, and got to know us more than I ever imaged they would.

Adoption is scary, adoption is hard, it means sleepless nights and anxious days, but it is worth it. Loving a child I did not birth, but feel like I have always had in my heart – that is something that is too awesome to describe.”


Welcome Home Creech Family and what an amazing surprise for the families to have Josh and Lily join them on their special day!

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