Welcome Home & Haiti News

CCAI was thrilled to welcome home 4 more children last week from Haiti!

In 2013 we have been able to celebrate 33 children coming to the U.S. to join their families!! We expect to see an additional 20-30 children come home this year! 😀

The Haitian government has recently passed a new adoption law that will change the criteria for who can adopt from Haiti. Among the changes is the lowering of the minimum age requirement for married couples to 30 years old for at least one spouse. In addition, the marriage requirement will be lowered to 5 years. Perhaps most importantly it appears that Haiti will no longer require a Presidential Dispensation for adopting families with biological children. It is not known exactly when these changes will be implemented, but it does appear that Haiti will finally be making some changes to their adoptive parent criteria. CCAI will post information about any new adoption laws once they are officially in place in Haiti.