Volunteers Assist Orphanage Staff In Child Assessments

China-2015-551This year, I had the privilege of working alongside CCAI with some amazing people, helping to love on some amazing kids! My name is Autumn Shetley and I am a nurse. My job this year was working at Luohe Lily Orphan Care Center in Henan, China – a trip that was made possible by a ministry called Christy’s Legacy of Hope, started by Karen DePriest in honor of her daughter’s love for orphans around the world.

We were honored to have the opportunity to travel to three different orphanages over about a two-week span. Our team consisted of my mom, myself, and Dr. Cricket (a wonderful pediatrician!). Our mission was to love on the children while performing head-to-toe physical assessments for all the children waiting to be adopted by loving families.

With the help of so many wonderful people, the trip was a success! Our team was very tired and worked hard to see as many children as we could while there. I am proud to say that we saw a good number, but you never forget those that you leave behind. We will always remember the bonds made with the CCAI staff, the orphanage care takers, and, most importantly, the children’s lives we had the privilege to be a part of. Their little faces touched each one of us personally and I pray they each find loving homes!

Thank you to CCAI, Christy’s Legacy of Hope, and our Father God for allowing this trip to be a reality. We couldn’t have done this without them!