Toolkit for Adopting an Older child

   CCAI is excited to announce the release of a new book, Toolkit for Adopting an Older Child!  With so many older children being made available for adoption and now being adopted, it became clear that an informational book providing preparatory information for families considering or already entering into their own older child adoption was much needed.  Toolkit for Adopting an Older Child is our effort at CCAI to provide insight from both professionals and families who have adopted older children into the unique challenges that adopting an older child can present.  This book explores the initial adjustment of a child over the age of 5 into a family, how to cope with basic, immediate needs, and how to prepare for long term behavioral, emotional, and developmental difficulties.  It is our sincere hope that this book will meet the need of our families to have a resource to help them thoughtfully consider and prepare for the adoption of an older child.

Toolkit for Adopting an Older Child is now available in hard copy for $12.95 (plus S/H) and is also available as an e-book through Amazon.  To purchase your copy of this insightful and valuable new resource, please visit CCAI’s gift shop at