#TooCuteTuesday: Yan needs a family!

Happy #TooCuteTuesday CCAI Family! We have a special little girl to share with you today. Yan needs the love and care of a family desperately!

Yan FB
Yan is a very loving and peaceful little 3 year old girl. She is well behaved and obedient. She loves to be smiled at and you can find her smiling all day long! Yan is an introverted little girl who has made much progress since she was diagnosed with epilepsy. It is uncertain when she will have an episode. She takes epilepsy medication and eats a ketogenic diet. The results have been great! Her foster family has not seen her have any seizures recently. Her general limb movements and abilities are all very good. Her cognition and comprehension abilities are also good, but her language abilities are below average. Currently, she is still unable to speak clearly. She is undergoing exercises for standing independently and walking. Now, she can stand using a wall and when her hands are pulled, she can walk. Her progress has been remarkable, because in August of 2014, her condition was extremely serious and she was hospitalized. When she was discharged, she was only able to lie on the mats and eating was very difficult. Yan is truly wonderful and her progress is great, she just needs patient and attentive care. She is a determined little fighter and we know she would bless a family greatly! We hope she will find a home quickly where she can receive great care and the love of a forever family!

Yan is a Special Focus child, meaning she may be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! Yan is diagnosed with epilepsy, impaired intelligence and impaired motor skills.

Please call 303-850-9998 or email waitingchild2@ccaifamily.org for more information about Yan.

Yan needs YOU to help her find a family! Please share and advocate for this precious and remarkable little girl! Be the voice for Yan!

~Did you know that we have many other waiting children in need of families? Visithttps://www.ccaifamily.org/WaitingChild/WaitingChildProfile.aspx to see more children waiting for their forever families!