#TooCuteTuesday: Help Bing find his forever family!


Happy #TooCuteTuesday #CCAIFamily! Say hello to Bing!

Bing was hosted in the US this summer!

Bing is a smart and outgoing boy who turned 9 this month. He loves to play with toys, any and all toys! He also likes to ride bicycles, listen to stories, and watch TV, and he particularly enjoys singing. His favorite color is red, and while his favorite foods are eggplant and bananas, he is not a picky eater at all and will eat just about anything. Bing is currently in kindergarten and learning quickly – just take a look at his video! He knows many words and can count. He is in a foster home with no other children at this time, so his foster mom is really working with him. When we asked how he helps his foster mom, Bing told us he helps by carrying things for her. His special need is epilepsy and he takes medication daily, but he hasn’t had an issue for 4 years. He has great self-care skills, and tells us that being outside makes him happy. Jiang sounds like an incredibly fun little boy!

Here’s what his host family says about him: “Bing is a very affectionate kid who bonded very well to his host mother. He laughs easily and loves to help around the house. He did have trouble separating from the host mother and needed lots of reassurance if she wasn’t going to be around. He enjoyed getting lots of attention, and may need extra time and attention from an adoptive family. He was very cuddly and loving with her. He picked up a good amount English while he was here and learned many of our American customs as well.
Bing likes swimming and outdoor activities. He loves pets, especially dogs. He loves video games. And he loves to eat!”
Wu Bing Jiang Professional Photo 3-Web Lg 3
Bing is a Special Focus child, meaning he can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! Bing is diagnosed with epilepsy.

Please call 303-850-9998 or email waitingchild@ccaifamily.org for more information about Bing!

Bing needs to find the love of a #ForeverFamily! Please share and advocate for this neat boy!

Visit http://ccaifamily.org/WaitingChild/Waiting-Child-Profile.aspx to see more children waiting for their forever families!
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