Happy Too Cute Tuesday CCAI Families! This week we’d like to introduce you to Yong, a handsome, caring, and adventurous 13 year old boy. PLEASE HELP US SHARE HIS STORY – not only will Yong be “aging out” when he turns 14, but CCAI only has a limited amount of time left with his file!

Yong was hostedWangYongGu (1) in the US as a part of CCAI’s Summer 2015 Hosting Program, and his host family has nothing but amazing things to say about him:

“Yong is a bright and happy 13 year old boy who made a huge impression on our whole family, from my youngest child (also age 13) to my oldest son at 21.

Yong is clever, creativWangYongGu (2)e, fun-loving, brave, helpful, sweet and thoughtful.

He showed great courage to come to a country so far away to live with people he did not know.  He quickly adapted to our customs.  He learned to play our games, taught us his own games, ventured into a swimming pool and loved it, splashed in the ocean, ate many different foods, and was game for any adventure.   Simply put, this child is as stronWangYongGu (4)g and confident as he is sweet and thoughtful. Any family thinking about adoption of a young teen would be very lucky to have Yong in their lives!!”

His nannies in China also think highly of him – they say that he is a good leader, responsible, polite, and sensible. He is like a big brother to the younger children in his orphanage – he loves to play with them, will help push wheelchairs or strollers, help feed them, and will even make paper-cut art for them. His nannies say that “no matter what situation, he will allow his little brothers and sisters to go first; he is very polite child.”

After visiting America, Yong is sure that he wants to be adopted. He often talks to his nannies about his desire to have a mom and dad. Please help Yong find his forever family – he truly deserves it!

Yong’s host family is willing to talk to families who are seriously considering adopting him!

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting YONG, please contact us at or call us at and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “YONG FROM SUMMER HOSTING”

If you are unable to adopt Yong, there are other ways to help! Click here to donate toward Yong’s adoption expenses: