It is Too Cute Tuesday! This week we’d like you to meet Lee, a very smart and playful 5 year old! Please help this little guy find his family!

Lee’s nannies say that even though he is unable to clearly express his own thoughts for the time being, his body language abilities are extremely strong. He can use his hands to signal “hello,” “thank you,” and other simple phrases. When he talks with adults he can understand them very well. Lee loves to play and be silly! He likes to pull up his shirt and then quickly pull it back

down before you are able to poke his tummy. He also likes to dance around with his friends and will giggle while he watches cartoons.

Lee is a Special Focus child, meaning he can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! He is diagnosed with Down Syndrome

Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about Lee!


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