Cai needs your help! He is aging out of his eligibility for international adoption in JANUARY 2017!

Cai is an outgoing, charming, happy, friendly, and adventurous young man! He had the opportunity to be hosted in the US as a part of our Winter 2015 China Hosting Program. His host family has been absolutely amazing in advocating for him! They were able to take him to doctors appointments, to the zoo, and even gave Cai his first birthday party ever! Please be sure to watch the video they made of Cai’s adventures. His host family is also willing to talk with families who are seriously considering adopting him!

From Cai’s Host Family:

“Cai is awesome! The naughtiest thing he did was he kept going up to bowling lanes and going over the line to hear the foul buzz. It was the only time he didn’t really listen and it was hard when we were laughing with him:) Seriously, he is a smiling bundle of joy.

Cai likes to play, is extremely happy, and has little fear. He would be a great addition to a home with younger children because he cares for them and giggles while he plays. I would say from our experience he is very intelligent and age appropriate. He is a bit immature compared to other American 13 year olds but would fit in a 4th grade classroom with great ease. His strengths are his ability to overcome his disability with ease. He is very independent and friendly. He is accommodating and pleasant to all around him.

We believe Cai needs a family. There is not a certain criteria that a family needs to meet- he is so adaptable and will find his place no matter how big or small. He deserves to keep smiling and learning. In regards to his disability, he overcomes it every step of the way.

Cai is curious because there are so many things he has not experienced due to his time in the orphanage, however he does not act like an institutionalized child. We never saw attachment issues, inappropriate behaviors, or learning disabilities present themselves. He is helpful with other kids, yet he knows how to be a kid himself.

There is a twinkle in his eye and so much love in his heart

His future has no limits; all he needs is a family to cheer him on and accept his love.”

SongWangCai (5)