#TooCuteTuesday: Time is Running Out for Shan!!!

Xie Yu Shan 2

Shan entered the orphanage at about 6 months of age. At his time of admission, he was able to do things other children his age could, such as following an object with his eyes, holding his head up while lying on the stomach, laugh aloud when teased and distinguish the caretaker’s sounds. When he was 1 year old, he could recognize familiar people, was very interested in objects that made sounds, could roll over, sit alone, and make sounds unconsciously. As he continued to grow up, he continued to develop at a normal rate, with the exception of his language skills. Shan became very self-sufficient and loved to play with others.
Shan is now 7 years old and can stand on one foot alone for 5 seconds, can do a standing long jump, can jump off the floor with both feet, can walk while holding a cup full of water, can use buttons, and can take care of his daily needs. He can’t speak, but can understand his nanny’s instructions or the words on the criticism and praise, and can express “yes” by making the sounds of “ah”, “en” and “heng”. He loves playing with his peers. He is a little introverted and sometimes a little obstinate and stubborn, but he is always ready to smile, and is fond of listening to music, jumping, playing sports and going down the slide. Just look at this little cutie! How could he not find a loving home? Help us by playing a part in bringing this kiddo home!

Xie Yu Shan 3

Shan is Special Focus, meaning he may be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be adopted along with another child!  He has strabismus and developmental delays.

Please email waitingchild@ccaifamily.org for more information or call 303-850-9998. 

PLEASE let’s advocate for this cute boy and help him find his forever family that will show him what it means to have a home!