This boy, Ai needs your help to find a forever family!

This precious little boy’s file is marked “Special Focus,” which means he can be matched to a family at ANY stage in the adoption process!  However, he will age out as of his 14th birthday so he needs a family who already has a dossier logged into China, families eligible for returning special focus or a family that is nearly finished with their dossier.  Please help spread the word, and let’s find this little guy a family!!


Dang Ai Guo1 2013-7-30 1

Male, DOB 8/30/2000

Post-operative congenital heart disease

Ai is a very bright and very cheerful boy.  He loves to talk, sing, and write.  He is polite to people.  Before, because of the trouble with his heart disease, his physical development in various aspects was greatly affected.  Compared with his peers, he was shorter and smaller, and his body was thin.  His activity was also limited.  Now it’s no longer the same, and since his reparative heart surgery, his body has visibly grown much taller and much chubbier.  His favorite activities are swinging, soccer, and other outdoor activities.  He loves to eat all kinds of food and is not picky.  He wakes up at 6:30 am each day and helps the nannies do some tasks within his own abilities.  He also knows to help care for the younger brothers and sisters.  He is never picky and loves to eat vegetables and wheat-based food.  He loves bananas.  Normally he loves to exercise and also likes to watch cartoons.

Ai is very well-mannered and he is very obedient.  He is a very caring child.  There are times when there are 6 or 7 people outside playing and Ai will play and go back and forth and after a few minutes, he will come out from the room with several yogurts and pass one out to each person and at that time, we know that even though Ai doesn’t like to talk, his heart is brilliant and he can share his joy which is very hard to come by.

Dang Ai Guo 4.10.13 (3)