The Paper Chase – Boyes Family

The journey begins with what is called “The Paper Chase” this is where we compile a small mountain of paperwork. Have it notarized, certified, and authenticated. When this is done the dossier is then sent to China and we begin the “Wait”.

March 1999 – We have made the decision to adopt a baby from China with CCAI! When we checked into adoption a few years ago, we found that we just couldn’t afford it at the time. We had given up hope of adopting. Maybe God just wasn’t ready for us to adopt. Like many, we were not looking to adopt when He was ready. We went to the local Family Expo put on by a local Christian radio station on the 14th of this month. There was a booth there that I originally thought was a Photo Studio. Since it had been a while since we had a family portrait taken, I went over to sign us up. Little did I know that I had just changed our lives. It was the Chinese Children Adoption International booth. I knew in my heart, as we talked to some very nice people, that this was the answer to our prayers. We have just finished our application and need to get it sent. We are also working on our INS form.1March 22-30, 1999 – We took the family to Disney for Spring Break. Jeff had to go to Orlando for work, so our daughter, Cassie, and I decided that it would be fun to go. Jeff took a few days vacation. We all had a blast. I kept finding myself drawn into China at Epcot. What a wonderful place. I felt closer to our little one, so far away. Jeff’s conference was held the first 2 days, so Cassie and I stayed at the hotel and thought of names for her new sister. We came up with Victoria Jorene (Jorene after my mom.) When Cassie told her Dad, he agreed that it was a great name.

May 8, 1999 – We had our orentation class today on preparing our documents. We were able to hand in about half of the documents already: all of the ones for the INS. We have a few that will be going to China that we need to fax to our agency to get the O.K. on their wording, then we can send them to the Secretary of State for Certification. Then, when the INS sends us our final paper (the I-171H,) we will get all of the documents sent to the China Consulate. Our first Home Study appointment is May 23. We met our Social
Worker. She is very nice and we look forward to working with her. Today was the first time I was told “Congratulations, you are going to be a mommy again.” It was so wonderful, I cried a little on the way home. It is finally happening.

Aug. 18, 1999 – We received our Dossier from Carrie with Special Deliveries today we took it up to CCAI this afternoon. We were told that we would make the September DTC (Dossier To China). So in about six months we will be getting our match and see what our new baby will look like!!!! I can’t believe that we are finally done with the paper chase!!!!
Welcome to the portion of our adoption that is fondly called “The Wait”. This is the longest part of the adoption process and is the hardest part for most people. We have basically done everything we can do and our Dossier has been sent to China. Now we wait for the Chinese Government to match us to our daughter.

Oct. 5, 1999 – We received a letter from CCAI that we have a DIC date of September 21, 1999. That is when our Dossier was logged into China and we are officially in the waiting line. Our agency is one of the only agencies that tells you when your dossier is logged in the CCAA. We are so excited.

May 23, 2000 – At 10:38 am we received the call from CCAI. We have a wonderful almost 8 month old baby girl waiting for us in the Jiangxi province in China!!!!!! Her name is Jiang Yong Yuan and the characters translate to “Forever Together”!!! We finally have a picture of Victoria Jorene!!!!!!!2June 5, 2000 – Travel notices are in for the April groups. We maybe hearing soon when we will be going. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I am having so much fun shopping and getting things to pack. COME ON TIME JUST KEEP MOVING ON!!!!

June 12, 2000 – I mailed our little ones care package to day. Just thinking about her holding her toys and blanket makes me tear up. I just love that little face so much!!!

June 27, 2000 – We received more pictures of Vickie today. We are so blessed to have such a caring orphanage to be sending use pictures and a letter telling us about our wonderful new daughter. I just can’t wait to go get her and finally be able to hold and cuddle her.










We are finally getting closer to travel. We hope to get our travel papers very soon!!!!

July 5, 2000 – I talked to CCAI and the Travel Notices haven’t came yet they will be checking to see where they are!

July 12, 2000 – We found out the delay in our travel is because our acceptance letters were lost on someone’s desk for two weeks. I don’t know if they will give Vickie to someone else or not!!!! I am so scared.

July 13, 2000 – We received an update from Thomas at CCAI for Vickie she is still ours!!! I am so happy!! She is just going into 6-9 month clothes they sent us her schedule and her likes and dislikes! They also said that she has a strong will and doesn’t like strangers. I think we will have a fun time the first few days in China.

July 19, 2000 – CCAI received some travel notices today not ours but for the ones ahead of us. Soon I hope we will receive ours.

July 21, 2000 – On the CCAI web page they say that our travel notices will be mailed on Monday!!

July 25, 2000 – CCAI notifies us that our travel notices were mailed last Friday the 21st. Wahoo!!!! We are finally closer. CCAI says that we may have a shorter time from receipt of travel notices to travel but I don’t care!!

August 4, 2000 – Our Travel Notices are here!!!!! We should hear something soon about our exact travel dates!!!!

August 9, 2000 – Wahoo !!! We leave next week!!!!! Our travel dates are from the 16th through the 1st of Sept. We are coming Vickie Jo!!! We started out on Wednesday, August 16 with a flight to LA. We stayed at the Ramada hotel and enjoyed taking showers and eating drinks with ice in them. Because we knew that we wouldn’t be able to once we were in China. We met some of our travel group that was also staying at the same
hotel. These people who were strangers would soon become family.

August 17-18, 2000 – The next morning we started meeting up with parts of our group. We were all very excited and nervous. We met the Sagely family when they arrived, leaving our luggage with the rest of our group in the international lounge. We took quite a bit of it with eight families. There were a total of 19 of us in group 213. Our flight left for Hong Kong at 2:45 PM on Thursday. For most of the flight Jeff and I stayed awake! Since we had the last rows in plane we were able to stand and walk around. Cassie tried to stay awake but went to sleep about 6 hours into the flight. We were able to look out the window flying over Alaska and saw some icebergs. During the flight, we had a great time getting to know our travel mates. We arrived in Hong Kong at 8:45 p.m. on Friday night and were met by Matthew who got us to the Shangri-La Hotel. Wow, what a place! It was so beautiful. We all were so tired that most of us didn’t realize how truly beautiful it was until the next day.

August 19, 2000 – After breakfast, we took a walking tour on our own along the bay, then meet back at the hotel with Matthew to tour Hong Kong. We went to the top of Victoria peak and saw many wonderful things along the way. We were all amazed at the cemetery, and at the fact that burial sites in China are only purchased for a temporary burial. We also loved seeing all of the Chinese children. But we were just getting a taste of China traffic! We also learned a lot about the Chinese traditions!

August 20, 2000 – In the morning Joanna met us and she helped us get to the airport on time. She also taught us some Chinese that our daughters would know like Hello, Thank you, I love you, Mama, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa for both sets and Aunt and Uncle. We had so much fun that the bus ride was over before it began. We left at 12:45 p.m. for Nanchang! We were all so excited we would get the babies today! James met us at the airport and got us safely to the Jinfeng Hotel. I have never seen such traffic in my life. James said that he would call us when the babies arrived. At 2:30 some of the babies arrived but we were told when we arrived at James’ room that the Yongxiu babies would be arriving later. We were so happy for the others in our group, but a little sad that we had to wait. It was wonderful to watch our friends become families with their new little ones.

We received the call at 5:00 PM that Vickie was here!!! We rushed down to James’ room, with all of the families either all coming back or sending someone to take pictures. Michelle and Tony’s oldest son, Brandon, took pictures for us. We were the second of the three families to get our daughter and I couldn’t believe when they handed her to me. The minute she realized her nanny had disappeared she let us all know that she wasn’t happy! We received wonderful gifts from the orphanage (clay pottery, red bag of dirt from the orphanage grounds, and her story written in Chinese on a red handkerchief.) We went back to our room to change her clothes and put her in her first diaper! This was fun for us, but she didn’t like the diaper at all. She let us feed her an 8 ounce bottle of formula, and finally cried herself to sleep at about 8:00 PM. We called her Grammy and Grandpa to let them know she had arrived. She is so wonderful!
56Fast forward to today!
May 27, 2017 – Today Victoria walks the stage at High School, I can’t believe the amazing young woman she has turned into. I am so proud of her, and all that she has accomplished. She will soon leave for a college visit trips in California. Thank you CCAI for making our lives so full and complete!7