Thank You! Colorado Gives Day a Big Success!

Colorado Gives Day 2014

From all of us at CCAI, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported CCAI and participated in Colorado Gives Day yesterday! With your passionate giving, we received an incredible $18,000+ in donations from Colorado Gives Day alone and we are so grateful!

What are your generous donations doing?

7 Ways Your Support Can Help Change a Life…

  1. Formula, Clothes, Diapers & Toys    Nutritious formula, seasonal clothes, and age-appropriate toys are basic needs that every orphan needs and deserves to survive and thrive.
  1. Orphan Sponsorship   For $50 a month, you can sponsor an orphan to receive higher-level attention and care.  As a sponsor, you’ll receive quarterly reports and pictures of your sponsored child or children.
  1. Nanny Training    Training nannies and equipping them with child-centered knowledge and tools are key to orphans’ daily well-being and development.  $100 will enable an orphanage nanny to attend a week-long training.
  1. Medical Assistance    95% of orphans suffer from medical conditions of different kinds. Basic pediatric medicines and equipment for orphanage clinics can save lives.
  1. Educational Support   Education helps many orphans live an independent life beyond the orphanage.  School bags, bicycles, school clothes, textbooks, and computers are needed to enable a school-age orphan to receive an education just like any other child in their community.
  1. Orphanage Leadership Development   The passion, ability and skill of an orphanage director can positively or negatively impact the lives of hundreds of orphans under his or her care.  For $300 you can sponsor an orphanage director to benefit from our annual Orphanage Leadership Development training.
  1. Lily Orphan Care Centers    We establish Lily Orphan Care Centers as orphan care and training centers to demonstrate and model the best orphan care possible – treating the children as we would our own.  Your donation can keep this child-centered model going strong so hundreds more lives will be touched.

With a little help from our friends, thousands of children’s lives will be changed for the better, forever!  Thank you. 🙂