Teen adoptees volunteer at Hefei City orphanage


Twenty-five adoptees are currently loving deeper than they knew they could in Anhui province, China.

The teens are on a trip through CCAI’s Adopteen program, run by and for adoptees. The “Adoptees Giving Back – Orphanage Service Trip” group (or AGBOST) flew to China on July 13, 2016 and will be returning to the states this Saturday, July 23, 2016.

Upon arrival to China, the teens were greeted by officials from the CCCWA—the central authority on adoption affairs in China —with a welcome speech thanking them for their donations to Hefei City Children’s Welfare Institute in Anhui. Together, the teens raised $5,250 in donations, which was used to purchase 10 industrial washers, three widescreen televisions and two large refrigerators for the orphanage.

Aside from buying treats and trinkets for the orphans, the teens also will have spent a full work week with little ones of all ages when the trip is complete: teaching, learning and growing together.

“Even just half a day was pretty exhausting, but it is probably the most heartwarming experience I’ve ever had,” one volunteer shared. “This has been my dream for a really long time.”