Li Shu Wei Hosting 10Wei is a very happy, giggly, and fun-loving 7-year-old boy! He was a part of our Winter 2015 hosting program, and would love to have a family to call his own.

Wei is blind, but during his stay in the US he learned there may be some hope! His host family took him to see eye specialists, and discovered that he may be a good candidate for a cornea transplant. Unfortunately, Wei is running out of time to have this LIFE CHANGING surgery.

“Cornea transplants in cases such as Wei’s are generally not done after age 7, and definitely not after age 8.  As I understand it, after that many years of never having had an image form on the retina, the neurological pathways simply do not develop, and sight cannot be attained,” says his host mother.

Wei had a fun time in the US! His host mom noted that he was very shy and scared at first – he did not understand what was going on and was open about letting out his frustrations. Wei began to adjust and adapt as a couple of days went by. At first he did not want to take a bath and strongly protested, but after he learned what to expect, he jumped right in and swam around like a fish! He even developed a little routine: He knew that after dinner came bath time, and after a bath it was time for bed! He caught on to other household routines, too, and learned to help with some chores. After the first week he even started mimicking some English!

Li Shu Wei Hosting 7Wei’s favorite activity seemed to be sliding. At first it seemed scary and he did not want to try it at all, but after some encouragement and support from his host mother, sliding is the only thing he wanted to do!

His host mom says that Wei is a GREAT eater! He specifically enjoyed cereal, chicken noodle soup, and potato soup. He ate most everything that was put in front of him, but did not like raw carrots or sauteed mushrooms.

Wei prefers more basic, toddler-type toys over Legos or army men. He can only see a tiny bit out of one eye, and has to be holding an object right up to his face, so he loves toys with lights and that make sound. While with his host family he got to go to the dentist. He was such a good patient that he got to pick out a toy after his appointment. Wei of course chose a mini LED flashlight that changes color – he loved it!

Li Shu Wei Hosting 16Wei’s host family says that he is generally a very sweet, happy child who would do wonderfully with lots of individualized attention, structure, and loving boundaries.

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting WEI, please contact us at or call us at and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “WEI FROM WINTER HOSTING”


Website Profile Card QinHappy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we’d like to introduce you to little Qin (sounds like ‘chin’).

Little Qin is 3 years old. She is a lively toddler who loves to play and smile. She likes to watch TV and play with her toys, but her favorite activity is playing hide & seek with her friends and nannies. She is curious and will go to touch things that she is interested in, but she is very obedient and listens to her foster mother when she says “no.” She can say “mama” and is trying to say other words. She tries to imitate what her foster mother says and will babble, though most of the time adults cannot understand her. Qin can sit and crawl, but can only stand and walk with support for now. Her caretakers say she is a wonderful little girl who has a bright future ahead of her – she just needs to find a family that will help her grow stronger!

ZhouQinYing (24)Qin is a Special Focus child, meaning she can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! She is diagnosed with Brain Damage and Developmental Delays. Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about Qin!
Visit to see more children waiting for their forever families.

Winter Charity Trip 2015

In early November, CCAI Charity Director Xia Zhong, along with adoptive parent Mary Swanson, traveled to China for a two-week trip for Orphanage Partnership meetings as well as to prepare the 29 older orphans and 5 chaperones who are coming to the US this winter as part of our Older Orphan Hosting Program.

During her trip, Xia was able to visit more than 15 different orphanages including:

  • Anyang LOCC, the location for  Mary Swanson’s charity project named for her mother Barbara.
  • Kaifeng orphanage to check on orphanage conditions and new management in the LOCC facilities
  • Xuchang Orphanage as part of First Hug
  • Zhejiang Province where her team went to 3 different orphanages and met with orphanage leaders regarding orphanage partnerships as well as potential Older Orphan Hosting for Summer 2016
  • Guizhou Province
  • Jilin Province and Henan Province (10 total orphanages) for Winter Hosting Preparation meetings with the children and chaperones traveling to the US next month.

Take a look at some of the photos from their journey!

HOPE FOR ORPHANS: RootedATX Conference

LOGOHas your adoption or foster care left you struggling? Our friends at Hope for Orphans know adoptive and foster families across America that are struggling with children with PTSD, neglect, hurt, and rejection in their past. Many of these families are in full crisis and their church or orphan ministry is not positioned to help. This is why they are excited to announce RootedATX, a conference that has been prayerfully designed for these families. We hope that you can join them on November 6 & 7 in Austin, TX as they seek to equip families to parent their children with the Gospel.

bridgeRooted ATX is presented by Hope for Orphans in partnership with the For the City Network and hosted by Austin Stone Community Church. The conference will be held in Austin, Texas at the Austin Stone Community Church West Campus Ministry Center located in Westlake Hills.

Speakers will include:

• Dr. Larry Bergstrom M.D.: Mayo Clinic
• Jeremy Lelek P.hD.: President of the Association of Biblical Counselors

• Dr. Kevin Peck: Lead Pastor of Austin Stone Community Church
• Pastor Halim Suh: Pastor of Teaching and Theology at Austin Stone Community Church
• Dr. Paul Tripp: Pastor and International Speaker
• Voddie Bauchum: Pastor and Dean of the Seminary at African Christian University
• Jon Bergeron P.hD.: Clinical Psychologist
• Jill Minnix: Women’s Bible Teacher
• Robin Pennington: Hope for Orphans’ Co-founder



Rooted Digital Resource Trailer from Hope for Orphans on Vimeo.