JCCC celebrates summer volunteers

4I1A4755This afternoon, JCCC staff invited all their summer teen volunteers to come celebrate what they were able to accomplish together. The pizza party was rich in laughter and fun.

In the past year, volunteers have:

  • Painted walls in the JCCC building
  • Cooked and assisted in other ways with field trips hosted by JCCC
  • Staffed the China Charm gift shop
  • Assisted with dance and language classes
  • Emceed the Chinese New Year Event

JCCC is in need of volunteers for the 2016-2017 school year. In particular, an intern is needed through mid-February to assist with organizing the Chinese New Year activities. Photography/videography skills are a plus. To apply, contact Phyllis at school3@chinesechildren.org.


The Joyous Chinese Cultural Center (JCCC) exists to provide cultural and emotional support to adopted Chinese children and to offer Chinese cultural and language education to children and adults of all backgrounds in our communities and across the country.

Josh and Lily Give Speech to MBA Students at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University’s Global MBA

CCAI President Joshua Zhong speaks to the MBA studentsCCAI co-founder Josh and Lily had the privilege to be invited as honored guests of the prestigious Tsinghua University’s Global MBA program to talk about their charity effort in China and share their insight about the challenges China is facing in orphan care.

CCAI CEO Lily Nie speaks to the MBA classEstablished in 1911, Tsinghua University is ranked as the top higher learning institution in mainland China, alongside Beijing University.  It is consider China’s MIT and has produced countless well-known scientists and politicians, such as its current President Xi Jinping.