Staff Spotlight: August Anniversaries


This month I celebrate my first anniversary working with CCAI working with kids, culture and art!

Through a casual conversation with a Chinese Language teacher while I was substitute teaching, I was suddenly hurled into teaching calligraphy to field trip groups visiting JCCC, which eventually morphed into what my job is today. It’s crazy how fast time has flown by!

From designing a huge paper cutting in the JCCC lobby and turning hundreds of toilet paper rolls into a replica of a traditional tiled roof to teaching traditional Chinese Brush Painting and meaningful moments sharing my knowledge and experience with students and families, I’ve been grateful for the opportunities to work as a cultural educator making an impact on the community around me, sharing my love of art and Chinese culture with everyone.

CCAI and JCCC have been treasure troves of meaningful memory-making and a truly special second family. I’ve only grown more passionate about my work in the last year, and am looking forward to many more great adventures!

PHYLLIS CHEN | Director’s Assistant at JCCC