Special Love

Not much needs to be said if the children under our care are healthy, but these children with special needs are truly special, and we are constantly moved and inspired by the big steps and even every tiny bit of progress that they surprise us with daily.

Today I want to share with you a great little guy named WL Dang.

WL loves walking now.  Every time he sees someone going outside he will run to grab their hand and follow them.  He just loves and is curious about everything under the sun.

I remember clearly the day of July 15 as I was ready to leave the Lily Orphan Care Center. WL quickly crawled to me and reached for my hand while telling me: “go! Go!”  Then he tried to use his full force to drag me toward the door.  This silly but very lovely act just cracked me up.

His eyes lit up as soon as he was out in the open and let go of my hand right way.  Whenever I tried to give him a hand he always refused to take it.  He was a very independent and active boy!

But I couldn’t help to look back constantly to make sure he was OK.  Suddenly my high heels gave in to the slippery walk way and I fell heavily on the ground. “Ouch!” I screamed and WL was completely scared.  A few seconds later he walked toward me slowly appearing very concerned.  Then beyond my wildest expectation, he extended both of his hands to me trying to help me up!

I was completely surprised and touched.  “How could a child of such a small age be so caring!?”  Tears came down my cheeks, partially due to the pain, but mainly due to WL’s moving gesture.

I will forever treasure that special moment in my heart.  It is such a great feeling to know that our love for these special children has its priceless reward.

Qin, LOCC Nanyang Manager

August 1, 2012