China Older Orphan Hosting Program: Summer!

Back in September last year, we announced our Older Orphan Hosting Program for China with our exciting new collaboration with Project 143.

We are excited to say Project 143 has posted their new photo listings for the children in China’s orphanages who are ready to be hosted this summer!  To view the photo listings, please register at

How does CCAI and Project 143’s collaboration work, exactly?

Well, in hosting a child, some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host, and find that this is a great opportunity!  If you choose to host a child through Project 143 and want to make sure that he/she becomes a permanent member of your family, then CCAI can assist you as your placing agency!

For more information on hosting an older orphan this summer, you can check out Project 143’s website at   They are also on Facebook. 🙂