Parenting the Hurt Child: a TBRI® Class

With more and more children coming home to forever families, CCAI continues to provide post adoption training and support to families.  In March, we began our 8 week class addressing how to parent and support children with a history of trauma, which includes almost all children who join families after foster care or adoption.  The class so far is going wonderfully, with families enjoying learning new skills and ways to interact with their children.

The weekend of April 4 and 5, several CCAI team members took this valuable training to Wyoming, to present the training to both professionals who work with the foster care and adoption systems, and also to families who are parenting these children.  About 15 professionals and 20 parents were present for the training – a huge success!

Are you interested in attending the class?  Here are the particulars:

–        Parenting the Hurt Child is a class based on the TBRI® model developed by TCU’s Institute of Child Development.  This is a parenting style that works with biological, foster, and adopted children.

–        The class helps families deal with the difficulties of parenting children who have a difficult history, including attachment and behavioral challenges.

–        Our next opportunity for the class is a two-day camp/conference for both parents and children. Our hope is that this will enable families outside the Denver area to attend if they would like.  The class will meet June 27-28 from 9AM-4PM.  Cost is $400 per family (with an additional charge for three or more children).  Contact to register and save a space.

This class is life changing.  If you are parenting a child and find yourself struggling with behavior challenges, missing the joy of being with your child, or wanting a deeper connection, this class is for you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to attend!