Parent Orientation for New Students

Parents of new students of the 2012-2013 school year joined an orientation on Saturday (8/25) to learn more about the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center.  They met with their children’s teachers, visited classrooms, and had the opportunity to ask questions.  The parents were very impressed by the mission, the fun courses, and the quality of teachers at JCCC.  “We are so lucky that JCCC is here to support our children!”  a mom shared with us.

Established in 1996, JCCC has been playing a very important role in providing systematic and fun Chinese cultural education as well as emotional support to not only adopted children, but their siblings and their parents as well through the speaking and writing of Chinese, Chinese cooking, Chinese dances, Chinese art, and Chinese games.  For more information on JCCC’s on-site education as well as its long distance learning program, please visit or call us at 303-221-6688 ext 202.