Outstanding Kid!: Kathryn

My husband, Tom, and I were members of CCAI’s Group 53 in July of 1997.  That July, we adopted our daughter Kathryn from DB Orphanage, China.  We will forever remember our wonderful trip through China on our journey to adopt our daughter through, in no small part, the efforts of all of the wonderful members of CCAI who helped make her adoption possible.  Kathryn was 17 months old when she joined our family and is now an amazing, bright, kind and compassionate 16 year-old who continues to amaze and delight us daily.

Kathryn has excelled in her every effort and has achieved many successes in her young life.  She has now become a student and the University of North Texas through a program called “TAMS.”  This program is the Texas Academy of Math and Science and is open to students by invitation, only after a rigorous application process, who have excelled in their high school academics and want to advance their studies in the areas of math and science.  Kathryn has long aspired to become a doctor, so this program is a perfect medium from which she can begin her higher education.  When she graduates from TAMS, which is a residential program at UNT, she will have amassed 60 hours of college credit, in addition to finishing her high school curriculum.  Yesterday, a local newspaper, the Cross Timbers Gazette, published an article about Kathryn’s accomplishments.  I have attached a copy of the article for your information.

Needless to say, having Kathryn in our lives has been a blessing we could never have imagined had it not been for the help of Lily, Josh and all of the caring and professional people at CCAI.  We will be forever in debt to your wonderful organization for all you have done to bring Kathryn into our family.  May God bless you in all of your endeavors to bring children into loving homes with parents who will provide them with the future they would never have otherwise known.

Thankful for you all this holiday season.

Norma and Tom,  Proud Parents of Kathryn