Orphan Care Project

Almost all children living in Chinese orphanages are either children with medical conditions or of an older age. Some have the fortune to find a forever family through international adoption, but most are labeled “unadoptable” or still waiting for their chance. CCAI’s Orphan Care Sponsorship Program provides much needed support to these precious children.While not a substitute for adoption, we have worked diligently to create a network of foster families, who welcome waiting children into their homes and provide them with the experience of a loving family.

Recently, Xia Zhong, the head of our Charity team visited a foster family who opened their hearts and home to some of these precious children. Under the love and care of their foster parents these children have blossomed and thrived!

We often hear that people are “just not ready to adopt” or “can’t adopt again” but there are many ways to make a difference in an orphan’s life without adopting. This is just one such way. We are always in need of sponsors for this program!

For just $50 a month you will join hands with us, as well as the orphanages to provide a child with one-on-one attention, food and housing, medical care and educational opportunities. You can sponsor one child or multiple children. We even welcome family or community groups that are willing to jointly sponsor a child.

For more information on sponsorship or other ways to make a difference in an orphan’s life, please email charity@ccaifamily.org.

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