Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program is Here!

Have you ever thought about hosting an older child?

CCAI, with the support of P143, is continuing our Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program from China!

The Winter 2014-2015 photo listing is NOW OPEN!  Pre-register today at www.projectonefortythree.org to see the orphans from Latvia who are available to stay with your family for 4 weeks this winter.  More children from China will be added in the next few days, and children from Ukraine will be added soon, so bookmark the photo listing and return often!

This is a truly remarkable way to make a difference in an orphan’s life over the holidays!  If you see a child you are interested in hosting this winter, contact the P143 team immediately. Many of the children will be placed on hold VERY QUICKLY!  Contact numbers are in the photo listing.

Why Should I Consider Hosting?

Families choose to host for a variety of reasons.  Some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host.  Although not all children in this program are available for adoption, many children are.  Additionally, CCAI can assist you as your placing agency should you host a child through Project 143 and then want to consider the possible adoption of that child!

Can CCAI Help Me if I am Considering Hosting?

If you live in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, or Florida then we can assist you with your home safety check, which is a part of the hosting process!  If, in the course of hosting a child, you would like to pursue adoption, CCAI can serve as your placement agency, as well!

For more information on hosting a child from China, Latvia, or Ukraine this winter, please check out Project 143’s website at www.p143.org.