Older Orphan Summer Hosting a Success!

Partnering with P143 (www.p143.org), CCAI launched our Older Orphans Hosting Program this year to enable some older and special needs orphans, ages 6 to 13, to live with a loving family in American for four weeks and experience the love and fun of a family.  Nineteen children from Zhengzhou and Luoyang orphanages were the brave pioneers this summer and, during their four-week stay, these kids experienced culture shock, learned to eat and enjoy American food, had tons of fun at parks, swimming pools and zoos, enjoyed playing with their host siblings, shed lots of tears for their friends and foster parents in China, and even threw some fists when things did not go their way! 😉

P143 hellos

Michelle from P143 and Xia and Sheila from CCAI worked extremely hard every day to provide support to the wonderful families and all of the kids who were trying their best to communicate their needs to their host parents.  It was truly a great and capable team.

P143 goodbyes

All of the kids and chaperons said their sad goodbyes and left the USA on July 24th to return to China safe and sound!  The children know they are very much loved and prayed about for their lives and future.  We truly hope that some of the children one day will find their forever families and cannot wait for the children coming for their hosting adventures this winter!