The First Waiting Child Medical Needs Conference a Huge Success!

This past Saturday, CCAI organized the first Waiting Child Medical Conference of its kind in the USA.  What a HUGE success!  With 100+ prospective parents in attendance and over 70 others joining us from all over the country on Livestream, it is safe to say that our weekend was fantastic.

We want to thank Dr. Mitchell, professor of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery; Dr. Allen, professor of pediatric otolaryngology; Dr. Benson, pediatric orthopedic surgeon; and Dr. Kobak, senior instructor of pediatric gastroenterology, for their objective, informative and passionate presentations.  We also want to thank all of the parents who sat on our parent panels who graciously offered their experiences to help answer some burning questions from prospective families.

Adoption of children with medical conditions, or Waiting Child Adoption,  has become the dominating focus of China adoption today.  However, looking at that Medical Conditions Checklist often feels like looking at an overwhelmingly-endless phonebook of nonsense.  As a child-centered agency, CCAI believes strongly that it is every adoption agencies’ responsibility to provide and encourage in-depth research and education for prospective families in order to ensure that  they are truly well-prepared on their life-changing journey to their child.  We are so glad to be able to organize this wonderful event and hope you will join us for our next Medical Needs Conference!

For those who could not attend CCAI’s Waiting Child Medical Needs Conference in person, CCAI professionally recorded the entire event and will have official videos of the Conference available on our website shortly!  In the meantime, all four informational talks may be viewed on Livestream for the next month.

Congenital Heart Disease: Please visit
Limb Differences: Please visit
Cleft Lip & Palate: Please visit 
Gastrointestinal Disorders: Please visit

UPDATE:  The livestream videos of the Medical Needs Conference are no longer available.  Official video of all four sessions will be made available on our website very soon.  Thank you!