Medical Monday – Sharp Family

I began my journey to adopt my second daughter Scarlett, from China in 2013. My first daughter was adopted from China in 2011 through the non special needs program. I began to fill out the medical conditions check list researching each condition before checking it. I decided brain damage and/or delayed development was something I was open to considering. I felt most children institutionalized would experience some level of delays. The condition brain damage and developmental delays seemed to be such a broad generalization.

I received a call from CCAI and learned they had the file for a little girl for me to review. I was so excited! Yes it did seem Scarlett was behind developmentally. I did not feel she was so far behind she could not catch up but, I was open to the possibility. Scarlett was born premature and had only weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces at birth. I felt despite her tiny beginnings she was doing excellent.


I used the time between match and bringing Scarlett home to seek out resources that I may need to help her reach her full potential.  I located physical therapist, pediatric neurologist, speech therapist, and resources through the local school system to help assess her development.

Soon after meeting Scarlett in China I had no concerns about her development. She seemed to be a typical happy healthy two year old. Today at age 5 she is on target developmentally and will begin Kindergarten next Fall.  Other than speech therapy for speech apraxia Scarlett has not needed any special medical treatment or care.


I was so happy with daughters I decided in 2015 to fill out yet another medical conditions check list with CCAI.  Again I marked brain damage and developmental delays on my medical conditions checklist.  I was matched with my beautiful Priscilla.   Priscilla has been home just over one year.   Priscilla has not required any special medical care.  She even seems to be advanced developmentally for her age. In just over a year she has learned English, how to count to 10, and most of the alphabet just to name a few things.


I feel that children are very resilient, and given the proper environment many developmental delays are corrected.   I feel that brain damage/ developmental delay is a condition that may required little to no medical care.  I believe with time patience and love some developmental delays can be corrected.   I am so happy I was open to the condition brain damage and developmental delays.