Lost to be Found: The Kalman Family’s Divine Love Story


She was left in a train station waiting room half way around the world in China’s Henan province.  This precious baby girl was left…to be found.  Someone anonymously slipped in and slipped out for reasons we will never know but one reason was clear… a wish that she would have life…a better life.

On the other side of the world, that very same day, a couple was packing their bags to find their daughter.  They were packing like a couple packs before leaving for the hospital to have their baby, except the mother wasn’t pregnant.  This baby was born into their hearts.

That baby girl was taken to a hospital by the authorities that very day.  And that next day, the couple flew from Chicago to Denver to meet with CCAI – an adoption agency specializing in China adoption.

It would not be until 13 months later that this couple would hold the picture of their beautiful daughter in their hands.  This mother and father held and cradled the idea of their daughter in their hearts for so long, not knowing her identity, fervently praying for her well-being. Finally, they glimpsed her precious face…with tears of joy flowing down their cheeks. There was no doubt to them that a divine hand orchestrated this love story.

I realized the significance of our travel date and our daughter Lily’s birthdate about a year after we brought her home.  There are so many divine stories within’ our adoption story.  I could write a book on it.  But for this short blog, I will tell you a revelation that only God could show me.  I hope and pray that you will receive a confirming divine revelation on whatever you may be deliberating.

That day of travel to Denver to meet with the adoption agency was one filled with fear and doubt.  I was not sure about adoption for our family.  We had thought about it for over 10 years.  I had a million thoughts roaming aimlessly through my head and most of them were negative.  We always had the seed in our hearts about adoption but I just wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for our family of four.  When we arrived at the airport, we noticed our flight was canceled.  It was the ONLY one canceled.  We asked the agent to place us on another flight but she said that all the other flights were oversold.  She could not even get us on another airline.  I thought, maybe this was God’s way of saying “no” to adoption for us.  My husband went ahead and placed us on standby on a very overbooked flight and told me that most likely we will not get on.  We could see that only two seats were available and we were several down on the list.  I cried.  I literally cried.  The terminal was pumping with people walking every which way and lines of people just waiting for a seat.  I plopped on the floor feeling hopeless with my bags surrounding me and people swirling all around.  I took out my phone and threw down my “call a friend” card.  I remember my friend Amy sleepily answering and I immediately described our situation.  Amy prayed for us.  There is a peace in that.  There is nothing like a friend praying for you and feeling the power in that prayer.  I remember God’s prompting for me to pray for her.  And me thinking…”out loud? um, no!  I’m in an airport…sitting on the floor.  I’d feel foolish!”  But I did.  I did it anyway.  And as soon as I finished, I looked up at the screen of the airplane seating and saw before my eyes all these seats opening up.  I felt euphoric!!!  My husband Dale travels a lot.  He told me that this was crazy and this never happens like this.  So, yes, I’m convinced there are no coincidences.  Maybe you had to be there but this is not the end of the story.  When we got on that plane, I sat a few seats behind Dale.  I remember looking at the back of his head and these words came to my head…”I can shut a door but open another…and after all that… now you really know how you feel about this adoption, about your daughter.”  But…oh there is more, there is always more with God!

When we arrived at  CCAI, we toured it and received a lot of information.  But the clincher was when we saw the founder’s room.  The founder Joshua and his wife, Lily, were out of town.  I lingered in that room and kept looking at their logo.  I asked the lady from the agency, “has your organization always been at this location?”  She replied that they moved a few years ago from such and such location.  I recognized that location and it hit me!  I realized that I recognized that logo and that location because I had visited them over 10 years ago when we lived in Denver!  I had picked up an adoption packet at their old location because that is when we first started thinking about adoption!

I believe in the power of prayer!  God will deliver!  When you recognize where your hope & faith lie…and who is in control (not me!), your Heavenly Father will answer. It may not always be the answer you are expecting but we must trust His will.

I cannot imagine life without our Lily making us a family of five.  By the way, we already had Lily’s name in our hearts before we knew the adoption agency’s founder’s name…Lily.  I could not be happier that they both share the beautiful name Lily!  After all, it was God’s plan!

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