LOCC Leadership Training

Since the opening of the first Lily Orphan Care Center in 2000, thousands of orphans’ lives have been impacted, and hundreds of care takers from all over China have received child-centered training that has ultimately elevated the overall orphan care standard in China to new heights! Today we are supporting seven LOCCs that make a difference every single day.

 To take advantage of computer technology and to provide in-depth personalized service to each child in our LOCCs, CCAI conducted a Database Training for all LOCC leaders on January 19, 2017. CCAI’s IT Director Thomas spent quality time introducing the new system, answering questions, and getting feedback. Our team is extremely excited to have this new tool in place to serve our precious children. 

At the training, CCAI presented the Angel of Love Award to Lianzhi and Yunzhan, two dedicated staff members who have worked with us for more than 16 years. We also recognized the Zhengzhou LOCC Team for their excellent performance and accomplishments.

Thanks to Xia, CCAI’s Charity Director, for tirelessly leading our charitable efforts in China. CCAI is truly making a huge difference in children’s lives every single day.