Lily Orphan Care Centers

The Charity team has been hard at work in Zhengzhou preparing to open the third room of the Zhengzhou Lily Orphan Care Center. Through the blessings of very generous donors, ten precious babies with medical needs will be welcomed into this room this month and provided with tender loving care.

The Charity team is also helping to establish a new Lily Orphan Care Center at the AnYang Social Welfare Institute thanks to the sponsorship of Mary Swanson and other CCAI donors.  The staff at the Zhengzhou LOCC has provided training to the new AnYang nannies and CCAI will send the Charity team to oversee the opening this spring.

As a charity, our goal is to reach out to the children still waiting in orphanages and we know this work would not be possible without your support.  For more information about these projects and other opportunities to partner with us please visit


3 room of ZhengZhou LOCC 1ZZ LOCC sleeping room

ZZ LOCC  bath room