Celebrating CCAI’s 21st Anniversary – Kentucky Style

September 15th was CCAI’s 21st Anniversary and CCAI’s co-founders Lily and Josh took a special trip to the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky to celebrate the special day with our CCAI Kentucky families!  Even more exciting, the families celebrated the Grand Opening of our new CCAI Kentucky Office!  Families from as early as Group 6 and as new as Group 2000 joined Lily and Josh at Tom Sawyer Park on this worthy occasion of adoption celebration.

“Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than seeing our adoptive families and friends!”  Lily told everyone.  “Seeing all the adopted children who are growing up so fast and doing so well makes us happier than we can express!” Josh added.

Our huge thanks go to our CCAI KY Branch Office Director Julie and her very capable and passionate staff and social worker team for their hospitality and coordination. 🙂  It was a wonderful 21st Birthday!