CCAI Board Honors Legacy Member


CCAI Board of Directors and Co-founders Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie award Susan Hendee with the Legacy Award.

CCAI’s above-the-crowd success is in no small part thanks to CCAI’s Executive Board of Directors. On May 13, 2015, CCAI celebrated Executive Board Vice President Susan Hendee’s more than 18 years of faithful and steadfast service to CCAI as she stepped down from her role on the Board and was honored with the Legacy Award by CCAI co-founders Lily and Josh and her fellow board members.

“Susan’s incredible passion for homeless children around the world and her passionate leadership has played a crucial role in the unprecedented success of CCAI in the past eighteen years.’ Praised CCAI Co-founder and President Joshua Zhong.

CCAI Chairman of the Board Paul Rady presented Susan with the Legacy Award on behalf of the entire organization. “Susan is the best example of what a great non-profit board member should be – giving, wise, and tireless. We will miss her service enormously.”

Susan, who has adopted two daughters through CCAI, thanked the Board, President Joshua Zhong, CEO Lily Nie, as well as the CCAI staff for continuing to promote CCAI’s message of love and for helping all the children through the last two decades of family-building.

“There hasn’t been a year that has gone by that someone doesn’t tell me how thankful they are to know my daughters. They have effected so many lives they wouldn’t have had the chance to if it weren’t for CCAI and all the work the amazing staff does every day!”

Our deepest gratitude to this amazing woman who has guided and supported CCAI with her talent, time and passion from the beginning.