Joyous Chinese Cultural Center Celebrate the Chinese New Year

CCAI’s Joyous Chinese Cultural Center welcomed in the Year of the Horse with their annual Chinese New Year Celebration at Mission Hills Church.  Every Chinese New Year, the 300+ students of the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center put on the biggest show of the year, showing off the beautiful cultural dances and songs they have all been working so hard on all year!

The students, ages 4 – 18, performed traditional dances from all across China, choreographed by our fantastic JCCC dance teachers.  Attended by over 1000 friends and family, it is undoubtedly one of our favorite events of the year.  You cannot help being heart-warmed. 🙂

This year, the JCCC celebration had the incredible honor of welcoming two First Class Chinese acrobat and opera acts to the stage!  What a sight.  From Beijing, Master Jiang Qing Hua performed the world-renowned Face Changing opera, flawlessly speeding his way through 15 masks in 4 minutes.  From Hangzhou, Ms. Zhou Mei Cao and Mr. Li Wei Jian blew away the audience with body-defying acrobatics, exhibiting incredible strength and flexibility with graceful composure.  Our bodies hurt just watching them!

A DVD of the entire performance will be available on very soon!