Josh and Lily Visit CCAI Founding Board Member Dr. Covell

CCAI co-founders, Josh and Lily, celebrated CCAI’s founding Board Member Dr. Covell’s 90th birthday and presented him with CCAI’s Legacy Award for his 20 years of passionate support for CCAI.

On December 23, CCAI Co-founders Josh and Lily paid a special visit to Dr. Ralph Covell who turned 90 on this very special day! Dr. Covell is the founding board member of CCAI and was CCAI’s first Chairman of the Board. For 20 years, Dr. Covell has been deeply involved in promoting CCAI’s mission and contributed greatly to the continued success of CCAI. On behalf of CCAI and its entire board, Josh and Lily presented Dr. Covell the Legacy Award for his outstanding service of two decades to orphaned children.

A former missionary to China in the 40’s and Academic Dean and Professor emeritus of Denver Seminary, Dr. Covell is a well-know Christian educator, pastor, prolific writer, and Chinese language expert.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Covell!