Wu Tian Ge (16)Tian is a curious and fun loving 10-year-old boy. He was a part of our Summer 2015 hosting program, and would love to have a family of his own! CCAI does not have much time left with his file. In just about 3 weeks, since he has yet to find his forever family, his file will have to be returned to the China. Please help us share Tian’s story so that he can find his family!

Tian is a very considerate boy. He has Tian Web Lg 1some deafness on one side, so you need to speak louder for him to be able to hear your instructions from a distance. He is fairly independent for his age with strong self-care abilities. He likes playing with wooden blocks, playingping pong, putting together jigsaw puzzles, looking at picture books, and singing and dancing. His favorite color is red, and he likes to eat fruit and meat (especially ribs!). Turtles are his favorite animal.

His host mother says this about Tian: “Tian may appear shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! He warms up quickly, and becomes an extroverted and enthusiastic boy. Words to describe his personality include: curious, active, conversational, and fun loving. He has many questions about how things work and life in America.He enjoys ping pong, tennis, drawing, painting, and especially building Legos. Although he has significant hearing loss, Wu Tian Ge (15)he enjoys music and singing. Also, he seems mechanically inclined with great interest in put things together, taking them apart, and anything electronic. He likes petting and holding our two cats. Tian is also used to siblings and enjoys spending time with them. As far as food, he loves noodles, meatballs, eggs, white rice, pizza, hamburgers, French fries etc. He is willing to try American foods, but doesn’t like cheese (except for Mac and Cheese!). He has a very healthy appetite and is generally willing to eat cooked veggies and even sliced cucumbers. Like any kid, he adores candy, gum, and ice cream (strawberry is his favorite).” Please help Tian find the family he deserves!