Pu Min Juan Hosting 12.22.15 (3)Pu Min Juan HostinMin quite a special young lady! Her nannies say she is usually always in a good mood and would really enjoy the opportunity to find a mom, dad and even siblings to call her own!

She is a very active girl, according to her host family she is a tough girl and won’t let her spinal malformation get in her way at all!

“She will run, jump, and play just like any other kid her age!” says her host mom. “One day we took her to the park and she was even helping the younger children up and down the slide! She is always very bright and cheerful.”

Pu Min Juan Hosting 12.22.15 (4)Min is also really enjoying being with her host family during the Christmas season. She hasn’t hesitated to partake in the best traditions the holidays has to offer. From baking cookies to writing her letter to Santa, Min is full of the holiday spirit.

She especially enjoys drawing, singing and playing with dolls. She likes animals and would love a day at the zoo! She likes to play with children of her same age and her friends would describe her as friendly, playful and open. She really has enjoyed getting to play fun games, like UNO, with her host siblings.

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting Min, please contact us at or call us at 303-850-9998 and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “MIN FROM WINTER HOSTING”