Ke is a smart little boy who has yet to unlock his full potential! He gets along well with our other children, easily adapts to new environments, and loves being cuddled!

Zheng Min Ke Hosting 12.23.15This past week we have observed that his receptive language Zheng Min Ke Hostingis amazing.  He can understand anything spoken to him in his native language.  He can run and does so with a joyful spirit.  We have heard him say hello, goodbye, come here, dog, cat, and panda in mandarin.

Ke is potty trained and sleeps very well.  The boy loves food and is able to stop when he is full.  The one area that we see him struggle is his ability to initiate conversation. However, he can shake his head yes or no whenever we ask him a question.  He is an amazing child who really needs a family willing to explore his fullest potential!

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting Ke, please contact us at or call us at 303-850-9998 and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “KE FROM WINTER HOSTING”