Experiencing China First Hand, Right Here At CCAI

Making Chinese Dumplings


Seventy pre-teens from Lifetime Fitness Summer Camp in Centennial, Colorado, spent three exciting hours at CCAI’s Joyous Chinese Cultural Center (www.joyouscenter.org ) to learn about and experience China by learning the secrets to make Chinese dumplings, to master the use of chopsticks, and to practice Chinese calligraphy.  They tried out a Chinese Kongfu dance, and enjoyed making pandas using the traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting.


Paper Cutting


Our field trips to China are a key part of JCCC’s cultural outreach and education program.  By inviting children of all ages from the local public, private and home schools to our field trips, JCCC has the opportunity to provide children with an authentic and hands-on Chinese cultural experience. Of course, Chinese dumplings are always a big hit as well!


Kongfu Dance


For more information on how your students or school can benefit from this very unique cultural education service, please visit us at www.joyouscenter.org


Chinese Calligraphy Class