Empty Nesters to a Full House

I recently heard the saying that life begins at end of your comfort zone. My husband and I could be the poster children for this saying. In 2010, we were just eighteen months away from being empty nesters however, we felt our hearts stirring to adopt again. We have two daughters adopted from Cambodia, both would soon be in college and the house would be ours again but it would be awfully quiet.

We soon found ourselves not only touring college campuses but now filling out paperwork for two adoptions. With the help of CCAI we found Mason and Reagan. Mason was 9 and Reagan was 5 years old. Mason was healthy with mild torticollis and Reagan had a congenital heart defect. In June 2011 we became a family of six. We are complete we thought and settled into our new routines. Less than a year later we found ourselves paper chasing for our fifth child, Noelle. Noelle was nine years old with scoliosis and spina bifida. A family of seven. We are done we thought.

Life took an unexpected turn. We had only been home for a couple of months with Noelle when after a routine check, Dan was diagnosed with two separate cancers. Our lives now gave way to surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. During that storm, we truly felt that we would be parents again but were not sure how. Dan recovered in record time and we got the words, “You are in remission.” We tiptoed around adoption, not sure when to jump in or even if we should. We soon realized that although our home was busy, noisy and we were living life, it was in our comfort zone.

Last year on a rainy afternoon while waiting in the pickup line at my daughters’ school, I was looking at faces and reading profiles of waiting children on CCAI’s website. I scrolled down and saw a precious face that once again tugged at my heart. On February 6th, 2017 we became the parents of that precious face. Our sixth child, our son Sonny.

The whole adoption process is truly a practice of living out of your comfort zone. And if you are a control freak like me, the process itself can almost break you. Other than filling out forms you have no control of the process. Adoption is not easy. It’s messy. And at times it’s even scary and totally overwhelming. But it is so worth it. Come on out of your comfort zone and live life.

Danae Meister

Meister Family

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