CCAI Collaborates with University of Denver’s COMM 3900

For their Winter Quarter, the University of Denver’s COMM-3900 class partnered with CCAI for their Community Engaged Research Project (CRP).  Together with Dr. Beth Suter, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, students worked with CCAI’s Director of Adoptions, Judy Winger, and Domestic Adoption Program and Parent Training Coordinator, Sheila King, to develop concise training presentations and compile valuable research-based articles.  The students did an amazing job and we were thrilled with the results!

Image Source: DU 2013 Spring Newsletter

This rewarding partnership was recently featured in DU’s Spring Newsletter.

In the words of one student: “…this is the first time I felt that all my work has had a tangible purpose. Instead of focusing my education around myself and my needs, I was motivated to learn because I knew it could benefit the families served by CCAI. Talk about heart-warming, life-affirming.”

Heart-warming, indeed!  You can read the rest of the feature at  You’ll find Dr. Suter’s awesome students on Page 6.

Thank you COMM-3900 for your hard work and passion!  We were honored to work with you.