Conclusion of First Post Adoption Center 8-week Course

Our Post Adoption Center wrapped up the final week of our 8 week class, Parenting the Hurt Child. It was a great success!  Some of our favorite feedback we have received about our pilot run:

“Our son is sleeping better than he has since we adopted him 3 years ago!”

“My daughter used to say, ‘I hate you,’ to me every day, several times a day.  Now she says it hardly at all.  When she gets upset, instead of yelling and screaming, she takes a deep breath and says, ‘I need to be respectful’.  It is an amazing feeling.”

“I underestimated what my kids could do and how well they can behave when they are given the tools they need.”

“We’ve already started using some of the principles we’ve learned in the parent’s and children’s classes, and averted 3 behavioral meltdowns in one day.”

“My daughter and I both loved the classes and it has truly helped us a lot at home.  We’ve had a lot of fun working together to use everything we’ve learned.”

We are thrilled about the feedback and so glad families are finding support and help through our new program!

Registration for our next 8-week session, beginning June 4th, 2013, is NOW OPEN. The deadline to register is May 27th, 2013.

Please contact Heather Diaz at for more information.