Chinese Minister Visits Adoptive Families

_MG_0276Twelve CCAI families finalizing their adoption in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, got a surprise visit from Chinese Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo, the highest-level official in charge of China’s national civil affairs, including international adoption.

Minister Li spent time shaking families’ hands, hearing their adoption stories, and discussing the medical conditions of each of the newly-adopted children. “I have the ultimate respect for those of you who are adopting a child with special needs,” the minister told a family. “It is a very special kind of love.”

According to Henan officials, this is the first time ever, since China opened its doors to international adoption in 1992, that a Chinese Civil Affairs minister has visited adopting families and children at the time of registration and presented the Adoption Registration certificate – a historic event that clearly shows the central government’s support for international adoption.

Minister Li has been an important advocate of international adoption and a longtime friend of CCAI co-founders Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie. In 2007 CCAI’s Chinese Children Charities became the first U.S. charity registered in China, thanks to the minister’s support and approval.