Charity Department Update

Happy Friday, CCAI! The charity team at CCAI is always working hard to make a difference in the lives of children. We are excited to share these pictures of recent donations received by our dedicated and generous supporters. The staff at one of our Lily Orphan Care Centers received new uniforms, looking good ladies! Another LOCC received bright colored sofas and large toys for the kiddos to play on. We were also, very fortunate enough to receive 6 seater strollers for all those cute kiddos! We can’t forget about our older kids at the Wuwei orphanage who got all new bedding supplies, which they all love. A church and adoptee group sent over 20 sweaters, hats, socks and creams to the kids with more sweaters on their way to Henan orphanages. Last but not least, we had a family make over 400 blankets and will go to 9 different orphanages! Our charity team has been busy and we love it!

For more information on these and other projects, please contact our charity team at

New UniformsStrollernanyang 1nanyang2Bedding400 Blankets