CCCWA Delegation Visits CCAI

Led by General-Director Zhang, a China Center for Children Welfares & Adoption (CCCWA) delegation of 10 members paid a special visit to CCAI’s headquarters in Denver on October 4, 2013.  Director Zhang and the delegate officials visited some key departments of CCAI and engaged in an in-depth dialogue with many CCAI staff for their feedback and suggestions.

The delegation was hugely impressed by all of the post-adoption services we are providing to adopted children and families and love the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, the only one of its kind by an adoption agency in the USA.

“As the largest and the top adoption agency CCCWA works with, CCAI has been a very important partner of CCCWA in finding loving and safe homes for orphaned children.”

Director Zhang told the welcoming CCAI staff and volunteers. “This is my second visit to your wonderful organization and we feel very much welcomed.  The first snow of this year was a nice surprise and makes the whole visit even more memorable.”


A ping pong enthusiast, Director Zhang got a pleasant suprise when Kai, an adoptee and avid ping pong player, showed up to play a match with him! The match lasted over 40 minutes and won many rounds of wows and applause.

Director Zhang asked CCAI Co-founder Lily and Joshua to express his best wishes to all adopted children and his sincerest thank-you to all adoptive families and families stilling waiting in process.