CCCWA Delegation Visits Adoptive Families

For his first trip to the USA as the new Director-general of the China Center for Children Wellfare and Adoption (CCCWA), Mr. Li decided to visit some adoptive families and see with his own eyes how the children are doing.  CCAI had the privilege to introduce a couple of our amazing families to them and Li and his delegation asked many questions about the children’s lives, the care and medical treatment they receive, sibling relationships, and academic performance.  😉

CCCWA Delegation Visits Families

It was a very important trip and Director Li and his team were very impressed and happy to see the great lives the children have in the USA, the love from their parents and siblings, and all of the incredible opportunities they otherwise would never have had in China.


Mr. Li exchanged gifts with families and children, invited them to visit China again, and wished everyone the very best.

CCAI was honored to have the opportunity to welcome the CCCWA delegation and we thank the Nelson, Hill, and Gimeno-Porge Families for opening their loving and beautiful homes to the CCCWA guests.