CCAI Spring Heritage Tour

Seventy-five adopted children and parents kicked off their exciting Spring Heritage Tour on March 21st in Beijing. They were welcomed by the Director-General of China Center for Children’s Welfare & Adoption (CCCWA) and got to tour the CCCWA facility, even getting the chance to step into the “Matching Room” where families are formed every day! Children and parents were also able to squeeze in many other unforgettable cultural and sight-seeing activities into their busy schedule — climbing the breathtaking Great Wall, walking the famous Tiananmen Square, experiencing the mesmerizing army of Terra Cotta soldiers, hugging some fluffy giant pandas, cruising down the beautiful Li River, and enjoying a variety of Chinese traditional cuisines. But, arguably the most treasured moment came at the end of the trip, when the travelers had the opportunity to visit their old orphanages and see the place where they once lived before their adoption. (CCCWA)

The weather was kind and the experiences unforgettable.  After 11 days of jam-packed touring, we’ll get to welcome everyone back Stateside this weekend!

In Mid-June, CCAI’s Adopteen will lead their first Adoptees Giving Back service trip to Henan Province to volunteer at several orphanages for two weeks!  Then, in late June and early July, a group of families and children will have to opportunity to attend a week-long Cultural Camp in Beijing, only to be followed in mid-July by another 220 children and parents who will embark on their Summer Heritage Tour!

To put it simply:  There are SO MANY great things going on, both here at CCAI and across the Pacific Ocean. We can barely contain our excitement!