CCAI Hosts the Annual Orphanage Directors Training

Xia shares life-changing stories with the directors

Those of us who have been involved deeply in helping abandoned Chinese children know this: the heart and knowledge of an orphanage director decides the life and death of children under his or her care.  Those who are responsible, compassionate, and knowledgeable can save lives by holding their caretakers accountable, creating a better living environment for the orphans, offering timely medical treatment to the sick, providing meaningful education to the children, and doing their best to find permanent home for as many of their children as possible.  Leadership training changes lives.


The orphanage directors and staff gather for training

Since 2008, when the Henan Partnership launched, CCAI has been investing heavily on leadership and caretaker training.  Our in-China Charity Team has logged thousands of miles and hours to bring the child-center care skill and knowledge to hundreds of caretakers in 20 orphanages.  Each year, we invite orphanage directors and their leadership team for a management training to exchange information, to share ideas and to learn ways to improve the lives of orphans under their care.


On August 22-24, government officials, orphanages directors, and an adoption staff of over 100 strong met at Nanyang for the fifth leadership training and retreat.  Once again it was a huge success!